A container or vehicle, which has been built, equipped and approved to meet specific standards of construction and security. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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container con‧tain‧er [kənˈteɪnə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. something such as a box or bottle that can be used for keeping things in:

• the EU directive on beverage containers

2. TRANSPORT a very large metal box, of a standard size, in which goods are packed to make it easy to lift or move them onto a ship or road vehicle:

• The deck was full of cargo containers.

• a container ship (= one designed to carry containers )

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container UK US /kənˈteɪnər/ noun [C]
a hollow object, such as a box or a bottle, which can be used for holding something, especially to carry or store it: »

After opening, transfer the contents of the tin to a plastic container for storage.

TRANSPORT a very large metal box used for transporting goods: »

a cargo/freight/shipping container


a container lorry/ship/truck

container business/traffic »

Around three-quarters of the world's 50-billion dollar container business is still done under service contracts.

a container port/terminal »

Hong Kong ranked as the world's second busiest container port last year, after Singapore.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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